Bartram’s Garden
54th Street and Lindbergh Bvd
Philadelphia, PA 19143

John Bartram was one of the first botanists in the United States. He was a farmer who also travelled throughout the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. in search of plants to send to Sir Joseph Banks and Peter Collinson in England. During his lifetime, he helped introduce many American tree and perennial species to Europe. He also founded the Philadelphia Botanical Garden at Kingsessing, Pennsylvania in 1728. His house was set aside as a Registered Historic Landmark by the US Dept of the Interior in 1963.

I gave this site two ratings. The 3 Star rating is for those died in the wool horticulturists who care about the history of ornamental plants. Bartram was a pioneer in this arena and visiting this site is like a pilgrimage.

The 2 Star rating is for the overall condition of the property. Volunteers are busily working on the site but there is currently not much to see there except the old house and out buildings. Scattered around the property are some old trees but the "average" person might wonder what this is all about. With luck, funding and hard work by volunteers, this site will hopefully keep developing in the coming years.

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