Established in 1934, the 1,200 acre Arboretum was a pioneer in restoration and management of ecological communities. In addition to native plant and wildlife areas, there is a large collection of labeled trees from around the world. It is the largest woody plant collection in Wisconsin. Other areas include several types of prairies, woods and savannahs, wetlands, the Longenecker Gardens, Viburnum Garden and the Wisconsin Native Plant Garden.

If you are a serious tree lover (as I am), this arboretum is for you. The collections are large and labeled and displayed in a large variety of environments. Not much "showy" in terms of perennial beds and borders but that is not the purpose of an arboretum anyway. Spend a few hours or days here to study plants.

Other gardens in the area include the Allen Centennial Garden and the Rotary Botanical Garden in Janesville, WI.

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