Hosta 'Fantasy'

This non-registered cultivar was originated by Ernie Brodeur of Massachusetts sometime before 1969 and is of unidentified parentage.

In an article by Robert Olson, past President of The American Hosta Society in The Hosta Journal (1992 Vol. 23 No. 2) quoted Bill Burto..."[Ernie Brodeur] had two similar-looking plants that he named 'Fantasy' and 'Hannah Hanson'...He also quoted Peter Ruh's response to a list of older hostas that had been presented to him:


- 'Betsy King' - Strange that this does not sell well. It has magnificent purple flowers.
- Others on the list with fine flowers - 'Purple Profusion' and 'Dorothy'
- Good breeding plants - 'Beatrice' (gives variegated seedlings) and 'Holly's Honey', a wonderful "improved Ventricosa" form.
- 'Royal Lady' - Not so royal and not outstanding.
- 'Silver Streak' - Too slow to be important.
- 'Sunlight' - A classic because it was the first golden H. 'Sieboldiana'.
- 'Silver Tips' - Silver tips on lavender flowers.
- 'Fantasy' and 'Hannah Hanson' were originated by Ernie Brodeur before 1969. I know nothing of these plants.
- 'RosHogh' is from Curtis in the 1960s. I do not have it; do not think it important.


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