Hosta 'First Mate'

A sport of Hosta sieboldii 'Kabitan', this medium size (12 inches high) cultivar was registered by John Machen, Jr of Virginia. of Virginia in 2003. the leaves are narrow (lanceolate), wavy, twisted and come to a distinct point at the tip. It has good substance for its size and produces pale purple flowers from late July into August.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this cultivar " an impressive variation of 'Kabitan'. The foliage colors tend to be more vivid and the substance much thicker, both traits indicative of polyploid plants."

The Book of Little Hostas by Kathy and Michael Shadrack (2010) says: "The very thick substance of the leaves allows this plant to take more sun than expected. Good in a raised bed and window box, where it can be planted to spill over the edge."

The Hosta Journal, (2006 Vol. 37 No. 2), in an article about flower characteristics stated that this cultivar has "...the flowers are star-like with lavender veins (tetraploid)..."

bullet H. 'Sea Sprite'
  1. H. 'Skipper'


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