Some people love hosta flowers which resemble those of certain lilies. Others do not like them at all, primarily because each bloom lasts just one day and as they open up the scape, eventually there can be a bunch of fading blooms on the same stem as the new flowers. They find this unsightly so these people often cut off the flower scape as soon as it appears. What would commonly be called petals on a flower are actually a combination of petals and sepals on hostas and are called tepals.

Although they do not come in a large array of colors, most hostas bloom in shades from pure white to deep purple.

The earliest hostas may bloom prior to June 1st and the season can extend into October depending on the cultivar or species.

Several  hostas including those related to the species, H. plantaginea, have flowers that are scented.

Many hostas consist of a single color, however, several types have streaks or other patterns of a second color involved in the flower.

The stalk of hosta flowers can vary in terms of height, color and other traits. Most of the scapes hold the flowers slightly above the mound of foliage to be available for their major pollinator...bees. A few types, however, have scapes that stand way above the foliage and may be as tall as 5 feet in some cases.

The flowers of hostas come in bell-shaped, tubular-shaped, closed, double and other shapes.

The male part of the flower, the stamen, consists of two parts called the anther and filament. Hostas have anthers that come in two colors; yellow and purple.

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