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This secondary consideration may be high on the list of some gardeners but for general landscape considerations, it is usually not a "make or break" factor in hostas. It is nice to place some of this type of hosta near a screened porch, walkway, patio or deck so they can be enjoyed.

Although they may not be as noted for their fragrance as roses (or at least how roses used to be), certain hosta cultivars have very fragrant flowers. One easy way to distinguish these hostas is by their name. H. 'Fragrant Bouquet', H. 'Fragrant Blue', H. 'Fragrant Dream', H. 'Fragrant Fire' and others make it easy to figure out.

Also, plants that descended from the species, Hosta plantaginea, are generally noted for their fragrant flowers. Included in this group, along with the species plants themselves, would be H. plantaginea 'Aphrodite', H. plantaginea 'Athena', H. plantaginea 'Fragrant Flame' and H. plantaginea 'Ming Treasure'.

Several other hostas are fragrant but that fact is not immediately apparent by their name. Their level of fragrance may also range from slight to heavy. Hostas such as H. 'Guacamole', H. 'Avocado', H. 'Blue Flame' and others fall into this category.

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