Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'

This vigorous growing hosta was originated by Dr Kevin Vaughn registered by Paul Aden in 1982. It is medium sized plant with creamy yellow margined foliage. As its name implies, it has large, fragrant flowers in late season. It is a hybrid of H. 'Fascination' and H. 'Fragrant Summer'.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this cultivar "...ranks high on the popularity poll for its attractively variegated foliage and fragrant flowers. It is also known for being a good grower, making it useful as a colorful ground cover in the landscape."

This cultivar was the 1998 "Hosta of the Year" by the American Hosta Growers Association.

  1. H. 'Color Parade'
  2. H. 'Fragrant Dream'
  3. H. 'Fragrant Light'
  4. H. 'Guacamole' (which in turn sported H. 'Fried Green Tomatoes' and H. 'Fried Bananas')
  1. H. 'Golden Bouquet'
  2. H. 'Miss Saigon'
  3. H. 'Paul Aden'
  4. H. 'Redolent Nosegay'
  5. H. 'Sun Bouquet'
  6. H. 'Sweet Innocence'
  7. H. 'Winter Bouquet'
  1. H. 'Abba Showtime'
  2. H. 'Blushing Bride'
  3. H. 'Extasy'
  4. H. 'Fragrant Candelabra'
  5. H. 'Honey Hill Wrinkled Rainslicker'
  6. H. 'Prairie Moon'
  7. H. 'Rosedale Elizabeth Stratton'
  1. H. 'Rosedale Marsha Axmear Erb'
  2. H. 'Rosedale My Love'
  3. H. 'Rosedale Shady Lady'
  4. H. 'Shady Lady'
  5. H. 'So Sweet'
  6. H. 'Sweetie'

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