Yarrow or Sneezewort

This genus consists of about 115 species is native to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.

The genus was named for Achilles, the Greek hero, who is said to have used this plant for its wound healing properties.

Yarrows are easy to grow, full sun perennials that vary in size from creeping kinds suitable for rock gardens to 3-4 foot tall types for the back of a border. They will tolerate drought and most types bear fernlike foliage that has a pungent fragrance.
The blossoms are excellent for cutting and may be dried for winter decoration.

Sneezewort comes from the use of Achillea ptarmica as a type of snuff. Ptarmica is Greek for sneeze-making.

Achillea ageratifolia Greek Yarrow
A. argentea Silvery Yarrow
A. clavennae   Clavenn Yarrow
A. aegyptiaca var. taygetea Egyptian Yarrow
A. filipendulina Fernleaf Yarrow
A. x lewisii  Lewis Yarrow
A. millefolium Common Yarrow
A. nana Dwarf Yarrow
A. ptarmica Sneezewort
A. siberica kamtchatica  
A. taygetea  
A. tomentosa Woolly Yarrow
A. umbellata Umbel Yarrow
A. x lewisia  


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