This genus which has over 100 species is sometimes also spelled "Buddleja". They are native primarily to parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas. As the common name implies, their flowers often attract butterflies.

Linnaeus named the plant in honor of Reverend Adam Buddle (1662-1715) from Essex, England. A friend of Buddle's, Dr William Houstoun brought the first plants to England from their native Caribbean area about 1700.

Buddleia alternifolia Fountain Buddleia
B. asiatica Asian Buddleia
B. bicolor Butterflybush
B. colvilei Colvil Buddleia
B. davidii Orange Eye Butterflybush
B. globosa Globe Butterflybush
B. madagascariensis Madagascar Butterflybush
B. officinalis Pale Buddleia
B. x pikei Butterflybush
B. x weyeriana Butterflybush


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