Boxwood or Box

There are about 70 species in this genus of woody plants. They are native to parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Central America. Species from temperate zones of Europe and Asia are frost tolerant while those from the tropical zones are, of course, not.

Being broadleaf evergreens, boxwoods can be a bit difficult in temperate zones even though they may be rated as cold hardy for a particular area. The challenge comes with winter winds which can dry out the leaves. Since the soil may be frozen, the plant is unable to replenish the water so the leaf tissue dies. That is a major reason why you only see boxwood hedges or knot gardens in areas with mild winters such as the U.K.

Buxus hariandii       Hariand's Box
B. microphylla Llttleleaf Box
B. sempervirens Common Boxwood


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