There are about 45 species of succulent herbaceous perennials in this genus. Most of them are native to the Southwest areas of North America. The genus is named in honor of the first chairman of the botany department at Stanford University, William Russell Dudley. Samples may be found at the Stanford Cactus Gardens in Palo Alto, California.



Dudleya abramsii
D. anthonyi
D. attenuata
D. blochmaniae
D. blochmaniae ssp. brevifolia
D. brittonii
D. caespitosa
D. calcicola
D. candelabrum
D. candida
D. crassifolia
D. cultrata
D. cymosa
D. densiflora
D. edulis
D. farinosa
D. gnoma
D. greenei
D. guadalupensis
D. hassei
D. ingens
D. lanceolata
D. linearis
D. multicaulis
D. nesiotica
D. pachyphytum
D. palmeri
D. pulverulenta
D. saxosa
D. setchellii
D. stolonifera
D. traskiae
D. variegata
D. verityi
D. virens
D. viscida


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