There are about 60 species in this genus with some being annuals and others herbaceous perennials. They are native to  North America. As with most plants in the Asteraceae (formerly Compositeae), the flowers consist of sterile ray flowers with tubular disk flowers in the center that produce the seeds.

Care and Culture of Sunflowers



Helianthus angustifolius Swamp Sunflower
H. annuus Common Sunflower
H. argophyllus Sliverleaf Sunflower
H. decapetalus Thinleaf Sunflower
H. dehilis Cucumberleaf Sunflower
H. divaricatus Woodland Sunflower
H. giganteus Giant Sunflower

H. maximilianii

Maximilian's Sunflower

H. mollis Ashy Sunflower
H. x multiflorus Perennial Sunflower
H. petiolaris PraIrie Sunflower

H. salicifolius

Willowleaf Sunflower

H. taetiflorus Showy Sunflower
H. tuberosus Jerusalem Artichoke


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