This is a genus of between 80 to 100 species of shrubs that are native to the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere. Spiraea shrubs are available in a wide range of blooming times.

These are small to medium sized shrubs, many of which are suitable for use in the home landscape. They produce nice flowers in late spring to early summer in most cases.





Spiraea albiflora Japanese white Spirea
S. x arguta Garland Spirea
S. betulifolia Birchleaf Spirea
S. x biillardii Biillard Spirea
S. brachybotrys  
S. bullata Crispleaf Spirea
S. x bumalda Bumald Spirea
S. canescens  
S. cantoneinsis Double Reeves Spirea
S. decumbens  
S. fritschiana  
S. japonica Japanese Spirea
S. margaritae  
S. multiflora  
S. nipponica Nippon Spirea
S. prunifolia Bridalwreath Spirea
S. thunbergii Thunberg Spirea
S. tomentosa  
S. trichocarpa Korean Spirea
S. trilobata Threelobe Spirea
S. x vanhouttei Vanhoutte Spirea
S. veitchui Veitch Spirea
S. Wilsonii* Wilson Spirea
*Named for plant explorer, E.H. Wilson
Blooming Season for Spirea Species
Early May Mid-May Late May
S. thunbergii S. x arguta
S. multiflora
S. prunifolia
June Mid July July-August
S. brachybotrys
S. decumbens
S. margaritae
S. trichocarpa
S. veitchii
S. albiflora
S. bumalda
S. canescens
S. japonica
S. bullata


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