This genus of bulb plants consists of about 75 species. They are native to parts of the Mediterranean region and Northern Africa. Some also come from regions of Northern Asia. There are many categories of types of tulips.

Care and Culture of Tulips




Tulipa acuminata Fireflame Wild Tulip
T. bakeri Lilac Wonder
T. batalinii  
T. chrysantha Persian Tulip
T. clusiana Lady Tulip
T. eichleri Eichlerian Tulip
T. fosteriana Fosteriana Tulip
T. greigii Greigii Tulip
T. kaufmanniana Waterlily Tulip
T. kolpakowskiana Soltulpan or Sun Tulip
T. linifolia Flax-leaved Tulip
T. marjoletti Marjoletti Tulip
T. praestans  
T. pulchella violacea Red Crocus Tulip
T. retroflexa Lily Flowering Tulip
T. saxatilis Candia Tulip
T. tarda Tarda Tulip
T. turkestanica Turkestan Tulip
T. urumiensis Iran Tulip


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