Aegopodium podagraria
Goutweed aka Bishop's Weed, Snow in the Mountain, Ashweed, Ground Ash, Ground Elder, Herb Gerard

Spreading, aggressive, rhizomatous groundcover (INVASIVE)
8-10 inches
Umbels 1˝-3 inches wide, 12-15 ray flowers, flowers white, not showy.
Late spring to early summer
Leaves biternately compound, basal and lower stem leaves with a short, broadly expanding petiole, segments ˝-3 inches long, leaves white-margined.
In humid, hot weather, Aegopodium has severe leaf blight however, it comes back nicely with the return of drier and cooler weather in the late summer.
  • 'Variegatum' - Snow in the Mountain, Silveredge Goutweed, Silveredge Bishop's Weed -  less vigorous than the solid green colored species but still invasive - foliage is light green and irregularly edged with white, serves to brighten areas of deep shade where grass will not grow. Once this or the species finds its way into a bed or border, it is pretty much there forever unless you take drastic steps.
Use as a groundcover where it can be restricted, such as between a sidewalk and the house. It is not as invasive as the green leaf species, Aegopodium podagraria, but caution should still be used.
The common name, Bishop's Weed, is said to have arisen from the belief that this plant's persistence in the garden would cause even a bishop to swear. It can do the same to atheists too. Goutweed refers to its alleged role in treating gout.


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