Aesculus hippocastanum
Southern Europe

Tall, sometimes rounded tree
60-70 feet
Large pyramidal clusters of white flowers 8-10 inches long
Leaves: opposite, palmately compound, usually 7 but sometimes 5 leaflets 8-15 inches long.

Leaflets: 4-10 inches long, obovate and straight from base to middle of leaflet, coarsely double-toothed, apex pointed, base tapered, sometime reddish-pubescent below.
Large rounded fruits about 24 inches wide, with green husks that eventually split open and display one or two shiny brown have no autumn color the fruits have no ornamental value and are a nuisance on the lawn when they drop.

  • 'Baumannii' or Baumann horsechestnut - flowers are double, with very few red marks and the tight clusters are 9 inches long. Blooms last longer and no fruits are produced
  • 'Pyramidalis' - differs from the species only in that young trees are pyramidal in habit.


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