Aesculus x carnea
Red Horsechestnut, Ruby Horsechestnut
Hybrid Origin

Height: 50-70 feet Spread 30-50 feet
Pink to red flower clusters that are about 10 inches tall. The flowers have a red throat when fully open
Leaves: opposite, palmately compound, usually 5 leaflets, 5-9 inches long.

Leaflets: 3-6 inches long, obovate and curved from base to middle of leaflet, coarsely double-toothed, apex pointed, base wedge-shaped, slightly pubescent below.
Terminal bud ¾ inches long and somewhat sticky.
Capsule, brown, 1½ inches across, rounded, somewhat prickly.

  • 'Plantierensis' - Damask Horsechestnut - flower clusters are covered with light pink flowers with a red or yellow throat and are moderately tight. They are lighter colored when fully open than the species or the variety 'Briotii '. Also the leaves usually have 7 leaflets while those of the species have 5-7 leaflets. Consequently, the species and these two varieties offer flowers of 3 different shades of pink to red.
  • 'Briotti' - larger and brighter red flowers than the species.
Originating as a hybrid of A. hippocastanum x A. pavia


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