Castanea mollissima
Chinese Chestnut
4 to 8  
Northern China, Korea

Rounded habit with dense foliage.
40 to 60 feet high and wide.
Self sterile - male (staminate tassels) and female flowers. Pale yellow or creamy, of heavy, unpleasant odor, monoecious.
Very lustrous dark green leaves. Alternate, simple, 3 to 6 (8”)
long, 2 to 3 1/2’ wide.
Yellow to bronze autumn color
Two to 3 scales weakly overlap­ping, gray-brown, pubescent.
Nut with 2 to 4 valves.
Less susceptible but not immune to Chestnut blight

These trees are supposed to have produced an average crop of 75-100 lbs. of edible nuts per tree. Most feel that they are not as tasty as the American Chestnut, but they are of good size and are edible.


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