Centaurea cyanus
Bachelor's Button, Cornflower, Bluebottle
Southern Europe

Erect plant
12-36 inches tall
Heads to 1˝ inches across on slender peduncles, flowers classically blue, but are sometimes purple, white, rose, red, or deep wine.
Alternate, lower leaves lyrate-pinnatifid or narrowly oblanceolate, entire or with few remote teeth, petioled upper leaves, linear or Ianceolate, entire, sessile, all with grayish pubescence that provides the flowers an excellent setting.

  • 'Blue Boy' - 36 inches, blue flowers, excellent as cut flowers, 2 inches diameter flower heads.
  • 'Blue Diadem' - 24 inches, double blue flowers.
  • Imperial' Series (Sweet Sultan) - Old fashioned type with large, fluffy thistle-like flowers in colors of lavender, pink, purple, red, rose, white and mixed, 18-24 inches tall.
  • 'Pinkie' - Pink flowers, tall.
  • 'Polka Dot Mixed' - 16 inches, mixed colors.
  • 'Snowman' - White flowers, tall.
Cyanus is from the Greek for blue, which is the most common color in this species.


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