Corylus avellana
European Hazelnut or European Filbert
4 to 8
Southern Europe

Upright, but broad-spreading or pendulous with age, coarsely branched.
12-20 feet tall with a spread of 10-30 feet
Flowers are similar to C. americana. monoecious
Leaves are alternate, simple, 2-4 inches long, rounded, doubly serrate, slightly pubescent.
Fall color is a poor yellow-green.
Fruit is similar to C. americana, except the involucre surrounding the nut is shorter or slightly longer than the nut.

  • Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
  • 'Aurea' - yellow leaves
  • 'Contorta' - twigs curled and twisted
  • 'Pendula' - pendulous branches, especially conspicuous if grafted high on understock.


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