Geranium sanguineum
Bloodred Geranium
Southern Europe and Western Asia.

Clump forming
6-12 inches tall by 24 inches.
The magenta flowers are carried on 1 flowered axillary peduncles. The flowers have 5 petals and are 1-1½ inches wide.
Leaves are circular in outline with 5-7 narrow lobes and 1½-2 inches wide. The leaf surfaces have scattered hispid hairs and the stems and flower peduncles have spreading white hairs. The foliage turns red to maroon after the first hard frost.
  • 'Album' - Pure white flowers, 10-12 inches tall.
  • 'Aviemore' - Clear pink flowers, 12 inches tall.
  • 'Elspeth' - Pink flowers, dark green leaves turning a nice red color in the fall.
  • 'Jubilee Pink' - Soft pink flowers, 12 inches tall.
  • 'Shepherds Warning' - Reddish pink flowers. 4-6 inches tall.
  • var. striatum - Light pink flowers with reddish veins. It is 6-8 inches tall and may be the best cultivar. It is also sold as 'Lancastriense' or 'Prostraturn'.


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