Magnolia x soulangiana
Saucer Magnolia
Hybrid Origin

Large, cup-shaped flowers,
Blooming just after M. stellata, M. kobus, M. salicifolia and M. denudata, but just before M. parviflora.
Leaves are 6-8 inches long but have no autumn color whatsoever

  • 'Alexandrina' - rose-purple outside, inside of petals pure white. One of the larger and earlier flowering varieties

  • 'Andre LeZoy' - flowers are dark pink to purplish on the outside petals are white inside and the flowers are decidedly cup-shaped

  • 'Burgundy' - flowers are the deep purple color of burgundy wine, appearing earlier than those of most other varieties

  • 'Brozzoni' - flowers are 10 inches wide - outside of the petals is tinged a pale purplish rose, but considered white

  • 'Grace McDade' - flowers are white with pink at the base of the petals

  • 'Lennei' - darkest purplish-magenta flowers of this group

  • 'Liliputin' - smaller flowers and smaller habit than most M. soulangiana varieties.

  • 'Lombardy Rose' - lower surface of the petals is dark rose, upper surface white.

  • 'Rustica' (syn. 'Rubra' or 'Rustica Rubra') - flowers are more rose-red than those of 'Lennei' inside of the petals is white but the general effect is more red than 'Lennei'

  • 'Speciosa' - flowers are almost white and 6 inches in diameter, very close to 'Alba' but  more color than 'Brozzoni'. last of this group to bloom. Upright, tall and fast growing

  • 'San Jose' - flowers are large, rosy purple, fragrant and vigorous growing. Blooms earlier than other varieties - deeper colored than most with the exception of 'Lennei'

  • 'Verbanica' - flowers outside are clear rose pink, inside white. Late bloomers, when most of the other varieties are dropping their petals. slow growing.


A cross made by one of Napoleon's retired soldiers, about 1820, between M. denudata x M. parviflora


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