This genus of flowering shrubs and trees consists of about 210 species. They are native to a wide range of environments including areas of North America, Central America, Asia, South America and the West Indies.



Magnolia acuminata Cucumbertree
M. anceolata
(M. exoniensis)
Exmouth Magnolia
M. campbeilli moillcomota
M. dawsoniana Dawson Magnolia
M. enudata = M. quinquepeta
M. fraseri Fraser Magnolia
M. grandiflora Southern Magnolia
M. heptapeta
(M. denudata)
Yuinn Magnolia
M. hypoleua
(M. obovata)
whiteleaf Japanese Magnolia
M. kobus Kobus Magnolia
M. lauca = M. virginiana  
M. x loebneri  
M. macrophylla Big Leaf Magnolia
M. nitida Shinyleaf Magnolia
M. quinquepeta Purple Lily Magnolia
M. rostrata  
M. salicifolia Anise Magnolia
M. sieboldii*
M. parviflora)
Oyama Magnolia
M. x soulangiana Saucer Magnolia
M. sprengeri Sprenger Magnolia
M. stellata Star Magnolia
M. x  thompsoniana Thompson Magnolia
M. tripetala Umbrella Magnolia
M. x veitchii Veitch Magnolia
M. virginiana Sweet Bay Magnolia
M. x watsoni Watson Magnolia
M. Wilsonii** Wilson Magnolia
*Named for plant explorer, Philip von Siebold
**Named for plant explorer, E.H. Wilson

Approximate bloom dates for several magnolia species:

April Early May Mid-May Late May Early June Mid-June Early July
M. denudata
M. stellata
M. kobus
M. x loebneri
M. proctoriana
M. x soulangiana M. fraseri M. acuminata
M. cordata
M. Ill/flora n/gre
M. tripetala
M. Watsonii
M. virginiana
M. obovata
M. Wilsonii M. macrophylla


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