Malus Cultivars
The genus contains many species indigenous to North America, Northern Europe and Asia. Hundreds of cultivars, representing various species and hybrids, have been selected principally for attractive flowers, fruit and growth habit traits.

shapes include globose, ovate and others medium texture
ranges from 10-35 feet
white, pink, or red in single or double
1-2 inches, various shades of green or reddish green
few cultivars have fall color
╝ to 2 inches in diameter, in various hues of red, orange, or yellow
Some cultivars are highly susceptible to apple scab, fireblight, or cedar- apple rust, whereas others are resistant to varying degrees. Lesser problems may be caused by canker, scale insects, borers, or aphids.
Should be planted in full sun, preferably in well drained, acid soil. Adaptable to many soil types.


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