Rosa spinosissima
Scotch or Burnet Rose

Spreads rapidly by suckers making it a good groundcover
Under 3 feet
Single flowers are 1˝ inches wide and fragrant
Almost black hips
  • 'Alba Plena', about 3 feet tall. Very double white flowers about 3 inches in diameter
  • 'Altaica' - 6 feet tall. Creamy-white flowers are 3 inches in diameter and the plant is more vigorous than most Scotch roses. It is native to Siberia
  • 'Fulgens' - flowers are double, 2-4 inches in diameter and a bright rose color
  • 'Fruhlingsgold' - huge, golden-yellow, semidouble flowers 3˝-5 inches wide. 6-8 feet tall and almost as wide.
  • 'Lutea' - 3 feet tall. - Yellow Scotch Rose -flowers bright buttercup yellow, 2 inches in diameter
  • 'Lutea Plena' - flowers double, mimosa yellow.


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