Thuja plicata
Giant Western Arborvitae
5 to 7
Northern California to Alaska - United States

Narrow, pyramidal tree.
50 to 70 feet high by 15 to 25 feet wide in the landscape but up to 200 feet high in the wild.
monoecious with small, inconspicuous yellowish male flowers and pinkish female flowers.
Lustrous green foliage which does not turn brown in the winter.
Horizontal branches that are often pendent at the ends. Young stems are cinnamon-red turning gray-brown as they age.
Erect cones 1/2 inch long that are green in the summer but turn brown in the winter.

‘Atrovirens’- Shining dark green foliage, an excellent hedge form.

‘Canadian Gold’- Broad pyramidal, brilliant gold foliage.

‘Cuprea’ - Dwarf broad pyramidal form, green with yellow new growth, 3’ high.

‘Fastigiata’ (‘Hogan’) - Columnar clone with a straight slender outline and dense foliage.

‘Pygmaea’- Dwarf bush, blue-green foliage, irregular branching.

‘Stoneham Gold' - Broad conical form, semidwarf, bright yellow new growth.

‘Stribling’ - Dense thick column that grows 10 to 12’ high, 2 to 3’ wide.



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