umbel - an inflorescence that resembles the framework of an umbrella. The top may be flat or convex depending on the species. All the pedicels arise from the same point on the peduncle.
undulated - a leaf blade with a course wavy edge. For example Hosta Undulata Univitata.
unfurl - during the winter, buds are wrapped tightly to provide protection from the cold. As the spring progresses, the buds open and the new leaf unfurls from within the bud.

In the spring when hostas first emerge from the ground, the leaves are curled up in a tight structure called a bullet. Over time, the leaves slowly unwind until the blade is open and completely separated from the petiole.

union or graph union - grafting is a propagation method in which a scion (stem piece or bud) is inserted into a rootstock so that their cambium layers align and they grow together to form a new plant. The point where the two parts join is called the graft union.
unisexual - flower or plant that bears either stamens or pistils but not both.
Urea - a single source fertilizer that contains 46 percent nitrogen and has an analysis of 46-0-0.


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