Sun Orientation

As we said in an earlier section, one of the factors of vital importance to plant growth is light. Of course in our home landscapes, this light is going to come from the sun. So, it is important to determine the path of the sun as it crosses over our landscapes. This will help us to predict where those full sun plants (MINIMUM of 6 hours of uninterrupted sunlight) will do their best. We can also predict where overhanging trees and other obstructions will cast shade during parts our all of the day. This will help us determine the best place for those shade tolerant (not shade LOVING) plants.

Also, some tender plants, especially many broadleaf evergreens may be damaged if exposed to the south or southwest where, even in winter, the intensity of the sunlight may be too high for them. Although it might be cold at that time, the sun on the broadleaves will cause them to lose water which cannot be restored from the frozen root systems below. In the extreme, these conditions may cause leaves and even some stems to die from desiccation i.e. dehydration.


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