Hosta 'Blue Heaven'

The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), says that this plant falls into a category of "...cultivars that exhibit many Tardiana traits but are not a part of Eric Smith's original group." Paul Aden of New York registered this cultivar in 1976 as a cross between H. 'Blue Cadet' × H. 'Aden No. 355'.

This cultivar forms a medium size (17 inches high) mound of thick substanced leaves. Pale lavender flowers bloom from late July into August.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "It has some of the bluest foliage of all hostas, tending to keep its color until late summer."

Nomenclature changes recommended in the 1991 book The Genus Hosta by W. George Schmid and accepted by The American Hosta Society would update names as follows: H. x tardiana is now Tardiana Group.

An article by W. George Schmid in The Hosta Journal (1985 Vol. 16) states that, "In England, Heinz Klose obtained a number of H. x tardiana plants after Eric Smith left Hadspen House nursery. He is also actively selecting and propagating H. 'Semperaurea' seedlings...Named by him are several hybrid seedlings: H. 'Goldpfeil' ('Gold Arrow'), H. 'Weisse Glocke' ('White Bell'), and H. 'Zitronenfalter' ('Lemon Butterfly')...special cultivars with H. 'Sieboldiana' lines are: H. 'Blauglut' ('Blue Glow') and H. 'Blaue Wolke' ('Blue Cloud') which reminds one of H. 'Blue Heaven'...with his H. x tardiana...has named one H. 'Irische See' ('Irish Sea')...H. 'Nordatlantic' ('North Atlantic')..."


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