Hosta 'Breeder's Cup'

There is an image of this cultivar on the Hosta Library. From the photo on the HL website, it appears to be a large size hosta with blue-green foliage that has a creamy yellow streaked variegation. This non-registered cultivar was originated by Rick Goodenough of Massachusetts and is a streaked hybrid of H. ‘Leaping Lipizzan’.


An article by Rick Goodenough in The Hosta Journal (2012 Vol. 43 No. 1) states that, “While ‘Leaping Lipizzan’ has some blue tones early in the season, ‘Dover Downs’, ‘Breeder’s Cup’ and ‘Suffolk Downs’ all have stronger early season blue. H. ‘Dover Downs’ features leaves with a more elongated form and a nice point on the tip, as well as wonderful wavy edges.” 


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