Hosta 'Candy Dish'


This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. One is registered and, therefore, the "official" version of H. 'Candy Dish' while the other is a non-registered plant and needs to be renamed to avoid further confusion.

This hybrid of H. 'Urajiro Hachijo' × unknown plant was originated by Alex Summers of Delaware and registered by Arthur Wrede of Maryland in 2003. The foliage on this medium size (12 inches high by 24 inches wide) hosta is heavily rippled, slightly wavy, very shiny on top and has a cordate base. Its petioles has purple spots. The plant has funnel shape, pale lavender flowers from mid-August into October.

Mikiko Lockwood in an article on The Hosta Library titled, A Little About Japanese Hosta Terms defines the term urajiro as white-backed or white underside.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "A superb new introduction which will delight collectors of green-leaved hostas...Precisely rippled foliage edges on platter-like leaves."

Another source indicates that this is a sibling of H. 'Smokey' and H. 'Marilyn Monroe' and all three were originated from a cross (H. 'Urajiro Hachijo' × unknown) made by Jim Hawes of Maryland.

An article by Kevin Walek in The Hosta Journal (2008 Vol. 39 No. 2) states that, "H. 'Candy Dish' and its pod parent, 'Urajiro Hachijo', probably a form of H. longipes, both show potential for breeding outstanding piecrusted cultivars...Think about how many people coveted 'Donahue Piecrust' for its wavy edge and coloration. Now think about the same look on a much smaller leaf, with a much smaller and tighter clump. You can imagine the possibilities."

In The Genus HOSTA by W. George Schmid (1991), this cultivar or at least one with the same name is listed as having been originated by Jere Housworth of Holiday Seeds, Stone Mountain, Georgia.



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