Hosta 'Essence of Summer'

Danny Van Eechaute of Belgium registered this plant in 2004. It was originated by Jan van den Top and Marco Fransen in the Netherlands. The plant forms an irregular, large size (24 inches high by 51 inches wide) mound and bears fragrant, white flowers on 3 foot tall scapes from late July into August.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Sport, possibly tetraploid, of H. 'Warwick Essence'...Tolerates sun in cooler climates as long as adequate moisture is available. Leaves thicker and slightly darker than those of its parent...Longish-tubed flowers reflect its H. plantaginea ancestry."

In an article in The Hosta Journal (2016 Vol. 47 No 2), the author described this plant's flowers as having a "Strong" fragrance compared to other hostas.


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