Hosta 'Grand Tiara'

A sport of H. 'Golden Tiara' which is considered a tetraploid sport, this cultivar was originated by John Machen of Virginia and registered by Ali Pollock of Delaware in 1991. It grows into a medium size hosta with a height of about 16 inches and a width of 44 inches. The foliage is broadly ovate shaped and has good substance. The medium purple flowers bloom starting in mid-July.

According to The Hosta Handbook by Mark Zilis (2000), "...identified as a tetraploid in the early 1990s. Not only is the leaf margin wider, but the substance is much improved over 'Golden Tiara'."

A Photo Essay article by Steve Chamberlain in The Hostta Journal (2010 Vol. 41 No. 1) makes comments about H. 'Grand Prize', "Walters Gardens registered this wide-margined sport of 'Grand Tiara' in 1998. Since it is slightly stoloniferous (Mr PGC - Hostas are rhizomatous), it forms an every-widening low mound as it matures. For a time after the leaves emerge, the color contrast between the green center and yellow edge is particularly striking. Late in the summer, the leaf edges lighten to white."


"Although it has the same color variegation as 'Golden Tiara' of green leaves with 'gold' margins. 'Grand Tiara's' border is very wide, making it more distinctive and brighter looking all season. Maybe a better description of 'Grand Tiara' is gold leaves with a prominent splash of green along the midrib. A knockout in early season. Has panache; very easy to recognize. It seems that the green center strip highlights the large mass of yellow-gold in the broad margins, giving 'Grand Tiara' a fresher and more luminescent appearance than both 'Golden Tiara' and 'Golden Scepter', the yellow-gold turns to chartreuse by midseason. But where in late July onward 'Golden Scepter' is hardly worth noticing and 'Golden Tiara' lacks sparkle, 'Grand Tiara's' coloring still has considerable pizzazz."


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