Hosta 'Green Beatrice'

According to The Genus HOSTA by W. George Schmid (1991), this is a reversion (sport) of the streaked cultivar, H. 'Beatrice'. This is a hosta from Frances Williams of Massachusetts but registered on her behalf by Peter Ruh of Ohio in 1987. It forms a medium size plant with green foliage. Purple flowers bloom in August.

Since the mother plant is a streaked mutation of the green variety, H. sieboldii forma spathulata, that means:

H. 'Beatrice Green' and H. 'Green Beatrice' = H. sieboldii forma spathulata.

"Plant is the non-variegated green form of H. sieboldii originating with the unstable H. sieboldii 'Beatrice'. This is a back-mutation to the parental form H. sieboldii f. spathulata. There are many different forms of the latter so exactly which clone this taxon represents is unknown."

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