Hosta 'Halo'

In 1978, Paul Aden of New York registered this cultivar as a hybrid of H. 'Flamboyant' × H. 'Estelle Aden'. The medium to large size plant grows into a medium size hosta about 18 inches in height and spreads to 50 inches in width. In the spring, the plant is a chartreuse color but the leaf margins change to gold by midsummer. The leaves are ovate shaped, slightly corrugated and wavy with a slightly shiny underside. From late June into July, pale lavender flowers bloom on scapes just above the mound.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "Note: at one time 'Blue Moon' was known as 'Halo'."

bullet H. 'Connie'
bullet H. 'Archangel'
bullet H. 'Dixie Joy'

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