Hosta 'Kinu-no-yuki'

This non-registered cultivar from Japan is a hybrid of a wild form of H. longipes named H. 'Chichibu'. It has green foliage with a wide, pure white medial (center) variegation. The clump is a small to medium size (6 to 10 inches high with a spread of 8 to 12 inches) with leaves that are very shiny underneath, slightly wavy and have heart shaped bases. 'Kinu-no-yuki' bears dense clusters of pale purple flowers with purple anthers on 20 to 30 inch tall scapes in August into September.

An article about H. 'Kinu-no-yuki' by Akira Horinaka in The Hosta Journal (2006 Vol. 37 No. 1) says,  "This is a very beautiful new cultivar of H. longipes. ..a hybrid of a wild form of H. longipes named 'Chichibu'...and another collected form of H. longipes ...called 'Tochiga'...A relative of 'Kinu-no-yuki', 'Mine-no-yuki' is a hybrid of the wild form of 'Chichibu' and the cultivar 'Kinusouri' (itself a hybrid of a white-veined, wild 'Chichibu' and 'Tochigi')....'Kinu-no-yuki' has a snow-white center with an irregular and narrow green border...[nearly 2 inch-long] leaf...has the most pure white center I have ever seen."

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