Hosta 'Kiwi Dotterel'

This sport of H. 'Striptease' is a non-registered cultivar which is part of the "Kiwi Series" of hostas from Barry Sligh of Taunton Gardens in New Zealand. This cultivar forms a large size (20 inches high) mound of slightly wavy, smooth textured foliage of average substance. It light green foliage with a speckled green and white marginal variegation. Pale lavender flowers bloom from mid-July to August.

From The Hosta Journal, (2008 Vol. 39 No 1), "The apple green leaves of this rare plant are edged with a slightly darker margin. Like the New Zealand bird for which it is named, the margin is splattered with white specks. A unique and interesting effect, but in my experience the markings are fleeting, apparent for only a short time in late spring. It may be that the white speckling is influenced by growing conditions and could be enhanced in an ideal location...grows slowly and will probably never approach the mature size of 'Striptease'."

The New Zealand dotterel is a bird which inhabits the sandy east coast beaches in the northern North Island, New Zealand.

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