Hosta 'Matthew J. Walton'

Steve Chamberlain of New York registered this hybrid of H. 'Minuteman' × possibly H. ventricosa in 2001. A large size plant, it grows to about 22 inches in height with dark green foliage. Pale purple flowers bloom from July into August.

An article about favorite flowering hostas by Steve Chamberlain in The Hostta Journal (2006 Vol. 37 No. 2) says, "My four favorites are: (1) H. plantaginea - when it blossoms, there is just nothing like it. Size, purity of white, fragrance! (2) H. ventricosa - the ark purple gets me every time. (3) H. 'Academy Flora' - the pale lavender flowers are arrayed 360° around the short scapes. You can grow this one for the flowers in a non-hosta garden. (4) H. 'Matthew J. Walton' - an H. ventricosa hybrid...with very large leaves and very large bell-shaped blooms. The color isn't quite as dark as the species, but the scapes are fairly tall and the flowers spectacular."


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