Hosta 'Pebble Creek Grape Jelly'


Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan and registered by her in 2022, this cultivar a seedling of H. 'Designer Genes' ×  (H. 'Christmas Tree' × H. 'Pebble Creek GPS'). It is a medium size hosta about 16 inches high by 34 inches wide which has yellowish to light green foliage. The leaves are nearly round, moderately corrugated and have reddish purple petioles at the base. They are described as being "...lightly cupped, twisted & wavy and deeply corrugated overall. New leaves are rather narrow and smooth with white backs and downward turning tips. Leaves become rounder and corrugated over time. Rust spots in wet weather can be observed..."

The flowers have lavender tepals with white bases and are translucent at the margins with alternate tepals having a grape-colored dot on the back. They bloom from late June into July on scapes 19 to 21 inches tall followed by viable seeds in dark green pods that have faint purple speckling.

The registration materials state: "Deeply corrugated foliage pairs well with grape-stained petioles and bracts on this viridescent specimen.  Fertile and fabulous for mixing with early-blooming reds."


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