Hosta 'Rising Sun'

This is a hybrid of an unnamed seedling sibling of H. 'Summer Fragrance' × a sibling to H. 'Aztec Treasure'. Dr. Kevin Vaughn of Massachusetts registered it in 1988. Forming an semi-upright mound, this cultivar grows to a large size with a height of about 24 inches with a spread of 41 inches. The leaves are ovate, slightly corrugated and slightly wavy. From mid-July to early August, it bears pale purple flowers.

bullet H. 'Golden Sculpture'
bullet H. 'High Noon'
  1. H. 'Setting Sun'
  2. H. 'Uprising'
  1. H. 'Bud Lite'
  2. H. 'Fall Blush'
  3. H. 'King Oil'

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