Hosta 'Silver Eagle'

'Silver Eagle' is a tissue culture sport of H. 'Striptease' and is a non-registered cultivar from Dean Stark of Iowa. The key difference is the combination of green and greyish coloration in the leaf. It is a medium size plant with leaves that are slightly corrugated. The pale lavender flowers bloom starting from late July into August.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "The firs time I came across this plant...I was immediately drawn to it. It offered a combination of foliage colors that I had not often seen in hostas, i.e. gray and green. Admittedly the variegation must be viewed from a close distance, but that has not diminished my opinion of 'Silver Eagle'. Adding to the gray-green contrast are the white streaks between the margin and center typically found in 'Striptease' and its mutants."

From The Hosta Journal, Vol. 39 No. 1 Pg 34 -  2008: "Some may argue that 'Silver Eagle' doesn't belong in the medio-variegated group, but the unique coloration give the leaf center a light appearance, at least at first glance. This cultivar is aptly named, because a waxy coating over the center of the leaf creates a silvery-green. The margin apparently lacks the waxy film and is the same green as 'Striptease'. This is a very subtle color scheme, but it makes the customary white line between the center and margin especially bold."

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