Hosta 'Sweetie'

A hybrid of H. 'Fragrant Bouquet' × H. 'Fragrant Candelabra' was registered by Paul Aden of New York in 1988. The mound grows to 20 inches in height with a spread of 30 inches. Its pale green to gold colored leaves have white marginal variegation. Fragrant, lavender flowers bloom in August followed by viable seeds.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Leaves stay yellow longer if grown in sun for most of the day. Vigorous...A superb hosta which should be better known...Leaves are longer and narrower than those of H. 'Fragrant Bouquet'."

There is also a German cultivar named H. 'Chiemsee Schätzchen' which translates into Chiemsee (a lake in Germany) Sweetie.

In an article in The Hosta Journal (2016 Vol. 47 No 2), the author described this plant's flowers as having a "Strong" fragrance compared to other hostas.

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