Hosta 'Wu Hoo'

Registered by Scott Smith & Mark Malaguerra of Georgia in 2017, is an upright growing, large size (24 inches high by 40 inches wide) sport of H. 'Empress Wu'. The slightly blue-green foliage has a medium green marginal variegation. Its leaves are nearly round, moderately corrugated, slightly wavy and dull on top. Pale lavender flowers bloom from June into July.

The registration materials state: "...Variegated form of 'Empress Wu' with large oblate leaves...The blue fades to green as the season progresses (much like all blues in the south)."

From Scott Smith, "The PPAF for Hosta ‘Wu Hoo’ can be a updated to reflect PP31215 as the patent is final and published."


An article by Warren I. Pollack in The Hosta Journal  (2020 Vol. 51 No. 1) titled Doppelgänger Hostas: Fancy Name for Look-alike Hostas, included a long list of hostas which various hostaphiles, published articles or other sources have indicated "look" the same. Some of these are, in fact, the same plant with two or more different names. Others are hostas that vary in some minor trait which is not immediately discernable to the casual observer such as seasonal color variations, bloom traits, ploidy, etc. So, as Warren mentions, hostaphiles may differ as to the plants listed but then, their opinions are based on visual observations and interpretations.

H. 'Royal Empress', H. 'Wu Hoo', H. 'Wu La La' and H. 'Wundebar'.

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