Starting in 1968 with the creation of The American Hosta Society, hostaphiles have organized in order to share knowledge and friendship through their interest in hostas.

The American Hosta Society - This is the premier organization devoted to the genus, Hosta. One key benefit of membership is The Hosta Journal.

Hosta Growers Association - The association of nurseries and commercial growers and sellers of hostas. Each year, they name a "Hosta of the Year".

Local Groups - State and local hosta organizations may be found wherever hostas are grown in the United States, Canada and abroad.

Registrar - New hosta cultivars are registered with the International Registrar for the Genus, Hosta.

Popularity Polls - For a couple of decades, the AHS has conducted a popularity poll to name the top 20 or 25 hostas as voted by their members. In recent years, they have also run a second poll for "small" hostas.

Hosta Display Gardens - The AHS has designated 17 gardens throughout the U.S. as official hosta display gardens.

Hosta of the Year - Outstanding hostas as designated by the American Hosta Growers Association each year.

British Hosta & Hemerocallis Society

The Dutch Hosta Society

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