The beautiful house with 24 acre gardens and park were created by Guillaume Mallet in 1898. Members of the family were once prominent Huguenot bankers but now they have opened the residence to visitors. An Arts and Crafts style house designed by English architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens is surrounded by magnificent gardens featuring towering rhododendrons. Lutyens worked with famous English garden designer Gertrude Jekyll to create several formal gardens near the house. 

Naturally acid soils of the Pays de Caux allow for the growing of magnificent rhododendrons and azaleas. Some of the mature rhododendrons are now over 10 meters in height and are magnificent in bloom. They have magnolias in March and April, rhododendrons in May and June, roses and hydrangeas in the summer. Autumn colors are at their peak in October and November.

The Guillaume Mallet's family still owns and lives in the house which is open to tours during the day.

The grounds spread into the distance from the house. Huge rhododendrons were everywhere.

Our guide was a member of the Mallet family that owned the house and gardens. A beautiful flowering dogwood in the gardens.


Wonderful garden "rooms" divided by stately walls and hedges.

The rhododendrons were huge and in full bloom during our visit. Many of the rhodos must have been very old indeed to reach this size.

The house contained a textile museum with historic cloth and fabric displays.

Le Bois des Moutiers
Route de l'église
76119 Varengeville-sur-Mer France

The very nice and dignified Madame Mallet led us on the tour of the house and grounds. With its temperate weather on the coast of France, this garden boasted some of the largest rhododendrons I have ever seen. During our May, 2002 visit, they were at their magnificent peak of bloom! The gardens were well maintained and presented a variety of plant species for the avid gardener to relish. Well worth the visit.

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