The enchanting Hampton Court Palace and surrounding park land provide an idyllic setting for the world's largest annual flower show. At this friendly and accessible gardening event, an exciting range of flowers, plants and gardening accessories are featured, giving you the opportunity to both browse and buy.

The best in gardening and horticulture is brought together in one place for one week in July in the delightful settings of the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court
Surrey KT8 9AU

Visiting the 2002 show was a great experience. We took the train out from London and arrived just as the show opened. This was a good idea since the crowd increased as the day progressed. By mid-afternoon, it was literally shoulder to shoulder in some areas.

The commercial exhibits were especially interesting with their displays of all types of garden related items. Too bad we had to fly home or I may have purchased a nice piece of statuary or something else that I probably did not need anyway.

This show is touted as "larger" than the Chelsea Flower Show and, I guess, in surface area covered, that is true. However, it is a very different type of show and does not compare to Chelsea in terms of flowers and plant least in my opinion.

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