For many years, The American Hosta Society has conducted a popularity poll of its members to determine the "Top" hostas of the year. This list is usually limited to the 15 to 25 plants that get the most votes in the survey. That is great but, considering that there are probably 10,000 named hostas, it excludes a lot of nice plants.

So, in The Hosta Journal (1993 Vol 24 No. 1), Clyde Crockett compiled lists of the Top 6 hostas NOT included in the 1992 popularity poll. The lists were solicited from 9 well-known hostaphiles at that time including Bill Brincka, W. George Schmid, Judy Springer, Clyde Crockett, Robyn Duback, Warren I. Pollock, Robert Solberg, William Burto and Frank Riehl.

[Their comments about each cultivar have been included on that cultivar's page. Click on the cultivar link for that information.]

The following hostas were listed more than once in the 9 lists:
'Fragrant Bouquet' (4)
'Spilt Milk' (2)
'Maui Buttercups' (2)
'Paul's Glory' (3)
'Lucy Vitols' (2)
H. montana macrophylla (2)
'Spritzer' (2)
'Frosted Jade' (2)
'Daybreak' (2)


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