Delphinium or Larkspur

There about 300 species of herbaceous perennials in this genus which is native throughout the Northern Hemisphere. A few are also found in higher elevations in the mountains of Africa. The name is Latin for "dolphin" which refers to the shape of the nectary which are glands that produce the nectar in the flowers.


Delphinium x belladonna Belladona Delphinium
D. cardinale Scarlet Larkspur
D. cheilanthum formosum Gariand Delphinium
D. x elatum Candle Delphinium,
Bee Delphinium
D. grandiflorum Chinese Delphinium,
Siberian Delphinium
D. menziesii Menzie's Larkspur
D. nudicaule Orange Larkspur
D. speciosum Candle Larkspur
D. tatsienense Tatsien Larkspur
D. tricorne      Dwarf Larkspur
D. zalil Zalil Delphinium


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