This genus contains over 20 species of either biennial or perennial plants. They have tubular throated flowers PGC-P-Digitalis-hybrida-Camelot-Rose-08on tall spikes.

Digitalis in Latin means "finger of a glove" or "thimble" and refers to the shape of the flowers. The common name is connected with English superstitions of fairies. Fox is a corruption of folk, hence little folks gloves, or, more specifically, fairy gloves. The heart stimulant, digitalis, is derived from this plant.

Digitalis ferruginea
(D. aurea)
Rusty Foxglove
D. grandiflora Yellow Foxglove
D. lanata Grecian Foxglove
D. lutea Yellow Foxglove
D. x mertonensis Merton Foxglove
D. purpurea (B) Common Foxglove


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