Hibiscus or Rose Mallow

Although there are over 200 species of herbs, shrubs and trees in this genus, only a few are of value in the landscape. Their leaves are alternate and have palmately arranged veins.



Hibiscus amottianus

Hawaiian White Hibiscus

H. cannabinus Kenaf
H. coccineus Scarlet Rosemallow
H. grandiflorus Great Rosemallow
H. moscheutos Rose Mallow
H. moscheutos subsp palustris Swamp Rose Mallow
H. rosa-sinenis Chinese Hibiscus
H. sabdariffa Roselle
H. schizopetalus Fringed Hibiscus
H. syriacus Shrub Althea
H. tiliaceus Linden or Sea Hibiscus
H. trionum  Flower of an Hour


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